Roger Stone following his arrest: Robert Mueller a “rogue prosecutor” using Gestapo tactics against political enemies

In his first statement after being arrested during a pre-dawn raid on his Fort Lauderdale, Fla. home Friday on seven counts including lying to Congress and obstruction, longtime GOP political operative Roger Stone had nothing but scorn for special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation. 

“This country is literally run by a rogue prosecutor who has more power than the president,” he told his lawyer Grant Smith after first inquiring about the safety of his wife following the raid in which federal agents rushed into his home with guns drawn.

As reported by Infowars, Stone, who is the latest Trump associate to be charged by Mueller for alleged crimes other than criminal collusion with Russia — the special counsel’s initial mandate — noted that America has become the “new Soviet Union.”

He also noted that the one news organization present for the arrest was CNN, indicating the cable news channel was tipped off that FBI and other federal law enforcement officials were preparing to arrest him. (Related: What a FARCE! Roger Stone arrested, charged with “process crimes” – NO collusion – while CNN tipped off to capture the theatrics on video.)

Stone was released shortly after his arrest on a $250,000 bond and spoke exclusively to Alex Jones and Infowars.

Of the charges filed against him by Mueller, Stone said, “There’s no Russia collusion, there’s no WikiLeaks collaboration, there’s no allegation that I received anything from WikiLeaks or [the site’s founder] Julian Assange or anyone else.”

Regarding the allegations of lying to Congress, Stone said if anything he had some lapses in memory which he said under normal circumstances would be “inconsequential.”

‘This arrest would earn praise from Adolph Hitler’

Others heavily criticized Stone’s arrest.

“Democrats / leftists / media cheering today’s jackbooted raid on Roger Stone should be very careful. What happens when this Gestapo style government force is used against you? You are collaborators & should be treated as such. Supporting @realDonaldTrump isn’t illegal,” noted Infowars and Gateway Pundit contributor Jacob Engels. 

He said in a statement to the Gateway Pundit:

Those claiming for the past two years that we live in the Fourth Reich were right. This is a Gestapo state and Robert Mueller is your Fuhrer. To SWAT an older man and his wife at 6AM with CNN cameras rolling is something that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. It was a production of propaganda by the Special Counsel’s office that turned FBI agents into modern day Nazis. This political hit-squad run by the FBI and their allies in the mainstream media would earn praise from Adolf Hitler. Americans should fight this political persecution with every fiber of their beings, now more than ever. You can now be arrested for having supported Donald Trump for President of the United States. 

Noted investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, a liberal, noted that Stone did not obtain any data from WikiLeaks but scores of journalists actually were attempting to get ahold of emails that were allegedly hacked by Russian operatives (which WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange disputes). So, how it is a crime for Stone but not for the other journalists?

“Journalist angry Mueller didn’t indict Roger Stone for doing… what journalists do every day (but which Roger Stone didn’t do). As usual, every Mueller action results in 12 hours of mindless Twitter hysteria before people start thinking about what it does – & doesn’t – mean,” he tweeted.

“The Stone indictment is yet another from Mueller alleging people lied about or otherwise obstructed the post-election investigation, but does not assert any underlying crimes committed by Americans (for conspiring with Russians or anything else) regarding the election itself,” he added.

The White House pushed back against mainstream media (MSM) attempts to link the Stone arrest to the president, with spokeswoman Sarah Sanders noting that Stone has advised several Republican campaigns and presidents in the past. 

She also lashed out at the double standards, noting that other suspected liars like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and James Clapper have never been charged despite evidence suggesting they should have been. 

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