REAL collusion: CNN just happened to be around when Mueller sent Feds to arrest Roger Stone in pre-dawn raid with guns drawn

On Friday, federal agents acting on an arrest warrant issued by a grand jury on behalf of special counsel Robert Mueller raided the home of political operative and onetime 2016 Trump campaign associate Roger Stone.

The raid involving heavily armed federal agents took place around 6 a.m. EDT at Stones’ Fort Lauderdale, Fla., home. That’s a time of the morning when you wouldn’t normally expect any news organizations to be around, especially for a law enforcement operation that was ostensibly kept under wraps until agents were able to execute the arrest warrant.

And yet, there was CNN on hand to film the entire raid. How’d that happen?

Was it just a lucky break for the network? Did they have a news crew sitting on Stone’s house in anticipation of something, anything, happening at some point in the near future? And if that’s all it was, how come CNN was the only network with the ‘insight’ to set up on Stone’s place?

No, it’s much more likely that the network was tipped off by Mueller’s team that Stone was not only going to be indicted but then arrested and at a certain time. (Related: Nunes: Evidence Robert Mueller’s team has obtained ‘would be thrown out in court.’)

Oh, and there’s this. 

More proof the establishment media is part of the Deep State

Josh Campbell is a former FBI agent who quit the bureau a year ago next month. No sooner than he left he wrote a scathing op-ed trashing POTUS Donald Trump. Shortly after that he just happened to land a job as a law enforcement analyst at — take a guess — CNN. Friday, the network became the only one to set up on Stone’s house, conveniently, before the raid. 

Report David Shortell said he had an intuition to go to Stone’s place and wait. 

Sure he did. As NewsMax TV host John Cardillo pointed out, it was just a “coincidence” that Campbell, former assistant to James Comey, “just happened” to be there for the raid.

If you needed any more proof that the establishment media is part of the Deep State cabal seeking to depose President Trump, this is it.

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