What a FARCE! Roger Stone arrested, charged with “process crimes” – NO collusion – while CNN tipped off to capture the theatrics on video

Not only has America become the land of endless fake news, but under the rogue hand of Robert Mueller, this nation is also the land of fake justice. In an early morning raid that was staged exclusively for CNN, Roger Stone was arrested and charged with so-called “process crimes” consisting almost entirely of charges of “lying to Congress.”

Stop the presses. If lying to Congress is a crime, then where is the arrest of Mark Zuckerberg and Google CEO Sunday Pichai who lied under oath and claimed there is no bias in Google search results or Facebook accounts?

If lying to Congress is a crime, where is the arrest of Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Barack Obama himself? And where is the evidence of collusion against Roger Stone, anyway? The deranged, dishonest left-wing media keeps telling us that “Trump colluded with Russia,” but when it comes down to all the staged arrests and criminal charges, there’s no collusion to be found at all. Robert Mueller has become the “King of process crimes” who specializes in trapping people with minor misstatements, then staging pre-dawn armed raids on camera in order to feed fresh meat to the liberal mob media.

“On January 25, 2019, in the pre-dawn hours, at least six FBI vehicles and at least 12 officers stormed Trump associate Roger Stone’s home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida,” reports The Gateway Pundit. “The deep state officers were dressed in tactical vests with large weapons. They were wearing night vision glasses. This is the Mueller Deep State at work. They send out fully armed tactical teams to harass and abuse political opponents in the dead of night. And only CNN hacks get tipped off before hand.”

“There are false charges of witness intimidation. This is a politically motivated result,” Roger Stone said in an exclusive interview with Alex Jones of InfoWars.com. “Twenty-nine FBI agents showed up at my home, pounded on my door, I opened my door to pointed automatic weapons. I was handcuffed. There were 17 vehicles in the street with lights on. They terrorized my wife and my dogs. They executed a search warrant. And CNN was present. CNN was tipped off prior to my arrest.”

“I intend to vigorously fight the charges because they are false,” Stone explained.

Robert Mueller is the one who needs to go to jail for rampant abuse of power, witness tampering and obstruction of justice

Robert Mueller is the most corrupt prosecutor in U.S. history, and he has a long history of obstructing justice, abusing power and tampering with witnesses. If anybody should be indicted and charged with crimes against the State, it’s Robert Mueller and his cabal of treasonous actors, including James Comey who illegally leaked classified information to the press in order to get Mueller appointed (while Jeff Sessions looked the other way and abandoned America to save his own skin).

“In an exclusive quote to GP, [Jacob] Engels referred to Mueller’s collusion with CNN to film the arrest as Joseph Goebbels style propaganda,” reports TGP:

“Those claiming for the past two years that we live in the Fourth Reich were right. This is a gestapo state and Robert Mueller is your Fuhrer. To SWAT an older man and his wife at 6AM with CNN cameras rolling is something that would make Joseph Goebbels proud. It was a production of propaganda by the Special Counsel’s office that turned FBI agents into modern day Nazis.

This political hit-squad run by the FBI and their allies in the mainstream media would earn praise from Adolf Hitler. Americans should fight this political persecution with every fiber of their beings, now more than ever.”

Help support Roger Stone’s legal defense fund at StoneDefenseFund.com.

As Engels explains:

“You can now be arrested for having supported Donald Trump for President of the United States. The enemies of freedom have successfully weaponized the FBI into a roaming gestapo-style political persecution hit-squad. They started with Roger Stone, but they will end with us. Infowars, Gateway Pundit, and independent journalists who have stood up to Robert Mueller’s criminal enterprise will not be spared if we don’t stand and fight.”

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