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The corruption of Robert Mueller and his politicization of the FBI under Obama runs deep, dating back at least to 2008 when Mueller, along with James Comey, launched a witch hunt against now-deceased Republican Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK).

In Qanon drop #1711, entitled “Robert Mueller Unmasked” – available at – Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) reveals how Mueller lied about Sen. Stevens, ruined his career, and possibly even had involvement in his death.

“Senator Stevens was just one of the victims of an agency in government gone wrong,” says Mani Wyatt, as she narratives a video clip on the subject that she posted to “The FBI under Mueller and Comey had been framing, prosecuting, imprisoning, and maybe even causing the death of innocent people.”

It all began in 2008, just prior to an election that Sen. Stevens likely would have won, had Mueller and his band of cronies gotten involved to destroy him. Sen. Stevens was indicted by the Mueller FBI over improvements made to his Alaska home that they falsely claimed were done for less than the amount they should have been.

The implication with their witch hunt was that Sen. Stevens was engaged in illegal behavior, when in fact evidence showed the opposite. But Mueller made sure that all evidence pointing to Sen. Stevens’ innocence was covered up, and that all of the false allegations against him were trumped up as fact.

“The Senator was a trust individual, someone whose word you could rely on,” stated retired four-star general Colin Powell.

“I never heard in all of those years a single dissenting voice with respect to his integrity, with respect to his forthrightness, and with respect to the fact that when you shook hands with Ted Stevens or made a deal with Ted Stevens, it was going to be a deal that benefitted the nation in the long run. One that he would stick with.”

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Was Sen. Stevens murdered by Mueller’s FBI and other Deep State cronies in order to pass Obamacare?

Sen. Stevens had a very good reputation, in other words. But this didn’t stop Mueller’s FBI from “putting Stevens in the crosshairs, pushing to get an indictment that came 100 days before his election and engaged in a third world dictator-type tactics to help an innocent man lose his election, after which he lost his life,” says Wyatt.

It was later discovered by then-Attorney General Eric Holder that Sen. Stevens had been framed, but it was already too late. Sen. Stevens ended up losing the election by a hair, and not long after was involved in a tragic plane crash resulting in his death.

Interestingly enough, had Sen. Stevens won the election as he should have, Obamacare likely never would have passed – seeing as how he would have been the deciding vote.

“If Senator Stevens had still been there, [Obamacare] would not have become law,” says Mani Wyatt. “Military tribunals are coming.”

The whole saga represents yet another example of Mueller corruption, which is exactly what’s taking place now against President Trump under the guise of targeting “Russian collusion.” It’s all a hoax, but many are confident that the truth will eventually come out, and that these devilish monsters in the FBI, DOJ, and other federal agencies will see justice.

“In the case of Senator Stevens, it wasn’t good enough that they ruined his good name and career, but he conveniently died in a plane crash … these stories brought tears to my eyes,” says Wyatt.

“The level of evil is extraordinary. The FBI had been used as an organized mob syndicate, punishing goodness and honesty and rewarding the wicked. This is truly a spiritual war being played out on the geopolitical landscape. This time around, the perpetrators will get their just due.”

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