Obama’s deep state agenda to unseat and destroy Trump REVEALED in new documentary at REAL.video

Up until the 2016 presidential election, there were two major political scandals that severely tarnished the legacy of the United States: the infamous Pentagon Papers scandal and “Watergate.” But now we have a third: the politicization of our country’s top law enforcement agencies by former President Barack Obama, as revealed in a groundbreaking new documentary, The Deep State Strikes Back, available at REAL.video.

A true deep state strikes back scenario, hence its title, this documentary presents undeniable proofs that Obama has been working behind the scenes for several years now, with the help of his “inner circle,” to remove a presidential candidate-turned-president who the deep state considers to be an outsider: Donald J. Trump.

As further revealed in this eye-opening film, the FBI and the Department of Justice, under the direction of Obama, initiated – and continue to this very day – a political witch hunt against our lawfully-elected president in a desperate effort to remove and destroy him.

It’s a situation that’s far worse than any of the crimes committed the former Johnson administration, which systematically lied about the reasons why the U.S. was engaged in warfare in Vietnam. It’s also worse than Watergate, which resulted in 69 indictments, 48 guilty verdicts, and the ultimate resignation of Richard Nixon as president on August 9, 1974.

We’re talking about treason by Obama and his cronies to maintain control over global political affairs, which were apparently intended to be assumed by next-in-line, failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. When this didn’t happen, the deep state kicked things into high gear, as evidenced by the endless Russian collusion conspiracy theories that constantly round the media circuit.

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Deep state attack on Trump is “worst political scandal of our lives”

When trying to portray Trump as some kind of buffoonish interloper didn’t work, the deep state under Obama proceeded to manufacture lies about Russian collusion, followed by tabloid-esque scandals involving Stormy Daniels. But nothing has stuck, which is really starting to worry this evil cabal of power-hungry psychopaths hell-bent on total global control.

Hillary Clinton is also a part of this inner circle, of course, as evidenced by critical information contained in the “deleted” emails that were found on her private email server. Wikileaks “dumps” unearthed a coordinated conspiracy within the Clinton/Obama camps to basically steal the 2016 presidential election by force – a plan that ultimately failed, sending the deep state into a perpetual and maniacal tailspin.

“The emails were damaging,” the documentary explains. “They indicated a conspiracy among the Democratic elite to rig the primary process in favor of Clinton, and to the detriment of her principal challenger for the party’s nomination, Senator Bernie Sanders.”

“Like Trump with Republicans, Sanders was energizing the Democratic progressive base. He, too, was drawing major crowds to his campaign events. In seeing that, the senior Democratic leadership weren’t going to let another popular Democratic candidate upset their plans this time around, like Obama upset Clinton’s plans in 2008.”

Many Natural News readers already know where it goes from here: Trump wins the election; the deep state panics; and conspiracy theories are spread by the Left ad nauseum to create civil unrest in an attempt to remove President Trump from office. And it all stems back to Obama’s destruction of our federal law enforcement agencies, which have been so deeply compromised that salvaging them has been nothing short of a challenge.

“Today, the most ambitious, yet sinister, plot to stymie a legitimate presidential nominee, and duly elected president, is still unfolding. There is much more to learn,” the video concludes.

“But what we already know points to the kind of abuse of our political and justice systems that never should be allowed to happen in America. We know that our systems of checks and balances are only as good the people we entrust to enforce them. And we know as well that, beyond any doubt, there truly is a deep state, a secretive political establishment whose unseen hands are behind the worst political scandal in our lives.”

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