President Trump, this is why it’s time for a full-scale purge of the intelligence community: a ‘red thread’ still runs through it

The Left Dominates Intelligence 

President Trump inherited from President Obama an Intelligence Community deeply partisan and biased to favor the Democrat Party.

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Indeed, Director of National Intelligence (DNI) General James Clapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and FBI Director James Comey, and other Intelligence Community leaders, launched what amounts to an attempted coup d’etat—framing candidate and President Trump with false charges of colluding with Russia and obstruction of justice, setting him up for impeachment.

How someone like John Brennan, who once voted for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall for president, could become CIA Director, is a mystery worthy of investigation all by itself. A good start is Diana West’s new book “The Red Thread” that traces the hard-Left ideological tilt of Brennan and several other Intelligence Community coup plotters.

Although President Trump replaced its top leaders, this is by no means sufficient to “drain the swamp” in the Intelligence Community ranks, corrupted by bad leadership for many years. Contrary to the common view that Intelligence Community political bias existed only at the top among “the generals”, over the years too many “foot soldiers” have become politically biased too, endangering our nation with Left-leaning non-objective analysis.

The Intelligence Community “Corporate View”

Intelligence Community leaders tend to surround themselves with people who share their worldview and political biases, who in turn do likewise, creating an ideological “domino effect” that reaches down to the analytical ranks.

Intelligence Community analysts are not free to publish their own unvarnished personal views—even if they are the best experts. Their work is subject to a process of “coordination” with colleagues, immediate superiors, and ultimately Intelligence Community leaders who can suppress any product that does not reflect the “corporate view.”

Analysts who dissent from the “corporate view” are under enormous pressure to conform, or be sent to the equivalent of Siberia.

Thus, during at least the 8 years of the Obama Administration, Intelligence Community analysts have been under pressure to conform to Obama’s worldview, and have been peopled for 8 years with new hires conforming to those views.

Since most Intelligence Community analysts are hired from universities, given the hard-Left bias prevalent in universities, an increasingly far-Left tilt seems inevitable among analysts, thereby politicizing intelligence leftward from “the bottom-up” as well as from “the top-down.”

Perilously—for the survival of the United States depends on sound intelligence—the Intelligence Community’s increasingly leftward bias, sharply accelerated under President Obama, has been ongoing for at least 27 years.

The Clinton Administration—Leftward Ho! 

President Bill Clinton’s election in 1992 brought to power an administration peopled with far-left and liberal activists who wanted, in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War, to cut defense and intelligence budgets and use this “peace dividend” to expand social programs.

I am an eyewitness to the leftward politicization of intelligence during the Clinton years.

For example, in 1993, I was a CIA analyst working on Russian nuclear weapons and strategy. A high-ranking CIA official visited our branch seeking “pro forma” approval from analysts for the Clinton Administration’s plans to make deep cuts in resources dedicated to the Russian nuclear threat.

My branch and division chiefs told me to raise no objections during the meeting.

However, since the high official supposedly was sincerely seeking our opinion about deep cuts, I spoke up, the only analyst to object. I warned that cutting intelligence against the Russian nuclear threat—the only nation in the world that could destroy the United States in 30 minutes—while that nation was undergoing revolutionary changes, was imprudent.

Afterwards, the high-ranking CIA official wanted to punish me for “speaking truth to power” by having me re-trained as an economist and sent to Indonesia to count rubber plants. Fortunately, wiser heads prevailed, and I did not have to move my family to Jakarta.

The Bush Administration—Missed Opportunity for Centrism 

President George W. Bush inherited the Clinton Administration’s Intelligence Community and post-9/11 made significant organizational changes, like creating a Director of National Intelligence. Centralizing intelligence under a DNI potentially reduces opportunity for diverse “corporate views” among agencies and increases opportunities for imposing politically biased uniformity.

Unfortunately, the Bush Administration did little to make far more important cultural changes—even though the 9/11 Commission Intelligence Reform Act recommended such changes to produce better, more intellectually balanced, intelligence products.

President Bush imprudently retained many Clinton Administration intelligence leaders, including at CIA, missing an opportunity to stop the Intelligence Community’s political drift leftward, and move it toward the political center.

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