The Only Way to Save the FBI is to Expose Everything

The big news of Thursday was not whether or not there will be a government shutdown (yawn) or whether the wall will or will not be built (it will — eventually) or even that AOC betrayed the citizens of New York by costing them 25,000 Amazon jobs (hey, she’s a socialist).

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The big news in what was a relatively big news day was made by fired Acting Director of the FBI  Andrew McCabe in snippets from a forthcoming interview on 60 Minutes.  McCabe — the man who somehow couldn’t recall what the words “insurance policy” referred to in one of his texts — was promoting a new book he somehow managed to write despite his faulty memory.  In the midst of this, he confirmed what many of us long suspected — that he and other major officials (Rod Rosenstein, etc.) of the FBI and the DOJ contemplated, even attempted to some degree, a coup d’état against the president of the United States.

Now that is one for the history books and something we should all contemplate — a collection of unelected, self-righteous bureaucrats trying to subvert the democratic decision of the voters of the United States of America.  They did it better in the Soviet Union. Beria, et al., at least knew how to follow through on their threats.

Nevertheless this crew went so far as to discuss which cabinet members would ally with them in their cause, which used as its basis the 25th Amendment, an adjustment to the Constitution formulated after Woodrow Wilson had a stroke and that was meant to deal with similar situations.  In the case of the coup plotters, I suppose, they deemed Trump to be crazy — something Alan Dershowitz and others insist is not remotely covered by the amendment, but that doesn’t seem to have bothered McCabe and Rosenstein.  You could call that projection but it’s worse.  It’s power-hungry people justifying their own evil ends. Kind of sick, actually.

And monumentally dumb as well.  McCabe, putatively in charge of counter-intelligence, left a digital trail most nine-year-olds would think twice about.  Moreover, even in the 60 Minutes interview, he appears to misunderstand Russia completely.  He still insists the aim of their hackers was to get Trump elected.  (Even Rosenstein denied this over a year ago.).  The KGB/FSB would not have wasted its time on anything so unlikely.  They read the same Nate Silver, etc. polls that we did.  Their intention, as it has been since the czars (see Pacepa’s Disinformation), was to sow confusion, to screw things up and set us against each other. They did a helluva good job of it, if McCabe is any indication. (That he and Rosenstein are at odds about what happened is just the tiniest example of this discord. The MSM has been doing the Russians’ work for them and then some. CNN, especially, should be paid overtime by Putin.)

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